Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grad School Update

Well, it has been a while since I have been on here...time for an update!

Grad school has been a tough transition for me. Gone are the days of procrastinating on assignments and papers. I now actually have to plan out my week to make sure I get everything done that is needed. Even then I still have times where I scramble to get things finished.

I am currently at the University of West Georgia studying Public History with a concentration in War and Society during Colonial America, along with a Museum Studies Certificate. I am loving the history program and the people I get to "nerd-out" with, about cool things in history. I also found out that the History Department is a bunch of nerds that I actually fit into! Everything from Firefly to Doctor Who to video games and board games is talked about. Within the program, I am finding my niche of history and have decided that I would like to pursue a career in Historical Education and Interpretation focused on living history (think Colonial Williamsburg). This career would place me in direct connection with the public and it is my passion to help people learn about history and how to influences their lives today. I also want to make it fun to learn and enjoyable for people to experience. I found that I really enjoyed this during my Spring 2013 internship at the Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson's home close to Nashville, TN. I got to be in period clothing and give tours of the mansion and interact with tourists and schoolchildren. I still remember one day when one child asked me if I was Abraham Lincoln (the beard and top hat didn't help I'm sure) and I got to explain that I was not Lincoln but someone else and the clothing styles during the 1800s.
That kid made my day! Those little things make history so worthwhile to me that I cannot wait to have a full-time job in the Public History field.

Talking about jobs,
While studying here at UWG, I am also a graduate research assistant (GRA). I was originally hired on as a historian for the historical picture book project that the UWG Center for Public History is working on that coves the West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail. Well, a several weeks into the semester my co-worker Dustin who was the Director of the Trail applied for a local museum position and got it! This left me in line to fill his shoes - which were really big. I am now the Co-Director of the West Georgia Textile Trail with another one of my colleagues. I handle the emails and phone calls that come into the Center, I still work on the book some, I help organize events along the Trail, and generally do anything that falls between the cracks. One event that is coming up is a History Day in Dalton, GA where people come in and bring photos, letters, newspapers, and other things to be digitally scanned and stored in the Center's archives. We also interview people that come in and have stories about working in the textile mills and factories, or lived in the mill villages. I am also working with another student to plan the Trail's conference in April 2014 at the Hills & Dales estate in LaGrange, GA. This event will have speakers from all of West Georgia and Georgia government officials coming to speak. So the pressure is definitely on to plan this event right!

Well that is all for today. I am sure I'll have more to talk about soon. Lots of things to write about in grad school!

Let me know what you want to know more about in the comments below!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well time has surely flown. It seems only like yesterday that I was moving on campus, now I will be heading home to Christmas break in a week! Now comes the frantic studying and trying to cram every little piece of of information into your head time. But with God's help all things are possible; with a little assistance from the world aka caffeine. lol!

This is the way I feel about this week.

Hope I survive!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Well life has been really busy since my last post. I guess I should list all my doings but that would take forever to write so I will summarize and if someone wants a more in depth explanation they can hit up the comments! Alrighty then... I have become a Floor Representative for my residence hall's RHA, GO Benson Hall! hehe. I have played in an Ultimate Frisbee intramural league and now I am involved in the Flag Football intramural league. I feel like there is so much more but that is all I can think of at the moment.

Oh! I am also going to try to become a RA next year because it looks like so much fun, and I have been inspired by some of my friends who are RAs, shout out to Brett Baumgardener, Jason Millsap, and my favorite RA, John Keaton. The Residence Directors (RDs) are some of the coolest people I know and are like older brothers to me that I have never had the chance of experiencing.

I guess I could throw in some pictures to make this seem brighter. :D

I guess I should mention I went Whitewater Rafting!! It was awesome and can't wait to go again!

 I went on a Fall Break Trip to Jasper, Alabama to help with Tornado clean-up and building projects. I had an absolutely wonderful time and met so many new friends!

 This is one of my History professors Dr. Brett Armstrong, who is also the Women's Soccer coach. This was taken during  the Senior Night Soccer game award ceremony.

 Some Fall pictures

 Benson Hall had a Grocery Cart 500. This pic is the straightaway to the finish with the RDs taking 1st Place. Daniel (Danny) Jetton in the green and C.J. Bradley in the blue. Best RDs ever!

 During Homecoming Week at Trevecca there was a parade around campus. This is the group that participated. We were the Benson Brother's Greatest show on Earth. I am the far left as Leopold the Strong man. The Announcer in the purple suit is C.J. Bradley and then we had a clown, a juggler on a unicycle, animals, and the pair on the far right became Igor, the tallest Indian around.

Game night with friends at Open Dorm night.
 Another shot of my friends

 The RHA appreciation dinner hosted by President Dan Boone's wife Mrs. Denise Boone. This was a night to remember mainly because Mrs. Denise actually encourage some of us to get a picture of ourselves planking on the President's desk! Needless to say the night was fun. Oh, and bragging rights, Benson Hall has the largest RHA participation. :D

This is a dear friend of mine that I met on the TAG Mission Trip to Alabama. She is Heather Bryant the RD of the Female Apartments. Hilarious Scottish accent every time she says the Lord's Prayer! I love her to death lol!

Well thanks for reading! Another post coming soon I hope. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Well I Have Some Time...

Well I just got done with classes so I thought I would update everyone.

Life here at Trevecca has been quite busy with all the events going on. During Welcome Week we had a night at Grand Ole Golf for "Caddyshack Night"

Then there was All-School Praise and Worship that was really fun.

There was a Dodgeball Tournament

 A VERY popular Welcome Week event called Paint-a-Palooza

A Rush of Fools concert with Jimmy Needham

Then that Saturday we had a Super Water Slide with water provided by the Nashville Fire Department

Yeah so life here hasn't been boring by any means.  lol Our Residence Hall also had a Welcome Week and had a Grossest Food eating contest, Benson Brew (coffee and music), a Hawaiian Luau with a real pig on a spit (really cool), and other little events.

I have become great friends already with a lot of people on campus including my 7 suite-mates, usually   when all my friends get together to play board games it gets to about 12 people sometimes.

My professors are excellent! They make the lessons so interesting. For my 3 History classes I have the same professor so that is kinda cool. Then my Marketing professor is hilarious and explains things very well. So life here at Trevecca has been a blast and it has only been what...3 weeks I think?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Sunday, Day Three

Okay, so let's just say today was absolutely amazing! (Warning long post :P )

First was Sunday School with Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene here on campus and the lesson was talking about Romans chapters 5-6. The teacher asked if we would call ourselves sinners and most the class raised their hands including me. The were a couple that said that because we are saved by grace and are now followers of Christ, that we are no longer defined as sinners, but Christians. The class got into a huge discussion breaking down the definitions of sin, Christian, Sinner, and another one I can't remember. In the end the teacher pulled out this verse and it took the wind out of everyone's sails because it just makes sense! Romans 6:17-18 "17 But thanks be to God, that you who were once slaves of sin have become obedient from the heart to the standard of teaching to which you were committed, 18 and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness."Meaning that we are no longer defined as sinners, but as Christians striving toward sanctification - to become more like Christ in our attitudes, our conversations, and our actions. Though we mess up, we ask forgiveness and move forward not looking back at our old ways, and looking toward Jesus Christ our Savior.

Then later today we had the All-School Praise and Worship Service, which was awesome! The Lord showed himself tonight, and the Holy Spirit flooded the room with His presence. It has been awhile since I have felt that close and intimate with the Lord. We then had a prayer session and a group of us students - some from my suite - gathered around and talked about what we wanted to happen this semester dealing with our spiritual walk with Jesus. The most powerful song of the night was "All To Us" by Chris Tomlin, this song really spoke to me about the depth of the love God has for us.

Me and the guys in my suite have also decided to start a weekly study group on Sunday nights to talk about what the Lord has shown us in the services that morning, passages of Scripture the Lord has spoken to us through, and to keep each other accountable in our Spiritual walks and to pray with each other when needed. If the Lord has already done so much in three days I can't wait for what He has in store for me this semester!